About Me

I'm a software engineer working in Sydney, Australia.
My experience has mostly been on web apps, but I consider myself as more of a generalist.

Learning things as I go is the name of the game.


I have worked with or dabbled in
Go Go
C++ C++
Python Python
Typescript TypeScript
React React
Redux Redux
Svelte Svelte
Webpack Webpack
Next.js Next.js
Redis Redis
Node.js Node.js
Swagger Swagger
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
tools & services
Docker Docker
Jenkins Jenkins
Algolia Algolia
CircleCI CircleCI
G Optimize Google Optimize


  • Small, random projects like this blog
  • Tinkering with my Neovim PDE
  • Modern history nerd 🤓
  • Oldschool Runescape and Street Fighter 6. It used to be a lot of Dota 2
  • Long hikes, tennis, ping pong
  • Learning German and Mandarin Chinese
  • Listening to german/japanese pop, trance/house, and soundtracks from video games